„Elegance, minimalism and respect for craftsmanship“

Old Yoshimura Way

The workshop opened its doors out of curiosity. We moved from the children’s dream of building Lego vehicles to building motorbikes. Where to get the parts that can’t be bought? How to make parts that we designed ourselves? Old, nowadays nearly forgotten crafts offered us a way.

We call it the Old Yoshimura Way. This way relies on man and his manual dexterity, precise eye and instinct. Precision machines stays in the background. It is a battle between man and himself. There is no computer controling cnc machine. This way we can be pure and have freedom thanks to excelent crafting based on our skills and offer truly handmade motorcycles rich of details, with a minimum shelf parts and the distinctive imprint of its creators.


We’re a small family workshop. Trueborne Works consists of Michal Martinec and Vít Jakeš. We are cousins. Vít is in charge of the mechanical part of the bikes and production. Michal takes care of the design and production of more complex parts. All parts go through a careful discussion within our values. Even the most hidden bracket has to look elegant and be as simple as possible. Unfortunately the simplest is never easy, quite the opposite. We are fascinated by Japanese craftsmen.


A design study is prepared for selected motorcycle types and at least one functional prototype is built. You can choose from an existing type (Concept), or have a new study done. A new study can be produced in one piece only on request. Otherwise, it becomes another type (Concept) for small series production.